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System Optimisation

By working closely with our clients and understanding their needs, we are able to deliver results and guarantee their system is performing to an optimal level. We have a knack for locating odd system faults and irregularities. In cases where a system is not performing to its optimal commercial possibility, we can investigate, analyse and report on the current state of the system and make recommendations for repairs, upgrades or simple low cost alterations. Implementing these recommendations, we are able to get your system running at maximum efficiency. 

Support & Maintenance

Within our wide ranging expertise we are able to provide a full range of maintenance services including: Planned Preventative Maintenance, 24/7 Bureau Control Services, 24/7 Reactive Call out Cover, Parts Inclusive Cover and Client Staff Training. Once a maintenance routine is in place, our clients are able to rely on us to provide regular feedback and reports on their systems.

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Energy Solutions

Our Goal is to reduce the amount of energy consumed by systems to achieve the best balance of energy consumption and system performance, with improved optimisation and efficiency through plant selection, system design and ultimately control algorithms.We have a proven track record of significant reductions in energy losses and as a consequence, savings for many of our clients. We are also experienced in the optimisation of renewables such as solar energy and Biomass to ensure the best implementation of these technologies. 


We are able to completely replace an old system or alternatively develop a solution to integrate with an existing system. Our speciality is providing full system integration with third party BMS controls. We have extensive experience integrating products using open protocols for building automation including Modbus,BacNet and LonWorks and therefore can provide a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance
Our planned preventative maintenance packages allow us to oversee and investigate your systems performance, aiding identification of minor issues before they become larger. This should reduce the need for reactive measures, which are generally more time consuming and usually more expensive.

Breakdown and Call Out
Our breakdown and callout packages can be shaped to every customer’s individual requirements. Our engineers are available 7 days a week, providing peace of mind that support is available if an issue was to arise

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Performance Reviews

We can visit your site to undertake performance tests of the control equipment installed, reviewing the condition and identifying any faults that may exist.

In cases where a system is not performing at its optimal commercial possibility we will make recommendations for repairs, upgrades or alterations with consideration to comfort, cost-effectiveness and environmental impact.

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Bespoke Solutions

We are able to completely replace an old system or alternatively develop a solution to integrate with an existing system. Our speciality is providing full system integration with third party BMS controls.

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, from small alterations and tweaks to large installations and upgrades, we are able to assist you in all of your individual building control needs.


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Remote Monitoring

In addition to maintenance services, we can offer exceptional remote monitoring and intervention assistance, alarm generation and notification to our customers. All the normal benefits of remote monitoring and access are included, for example: remote adjustments and updates, remote back-ups for disaster recovery or support for on-site personnel.

This allows us to diagnose a fault without attending site, reducing call out costs and means failed equipment may be up and running again in a matter of hours not days.

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Contol Panel Design

Design and build of control panels is carried out in-house, thereby maintaining high standards of workmanship and minimising site adjustments. Indoor or outdoor, any purpose, any form, we can build it how you want it and need it.

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Applications                                                               apple,android and windows compatible

Mobile application intergration makes it possible to access your system directly, to monitor and adjust individual settings anywhere, anytime from ios, android and windows devices.

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System Graphics

Computerised displays and centralised controls make it far easier to visualise what the equipment is doing in your building, allowing the user to make decisions and take action quickly.

Complete HVAC can transform plant schematics into incredible graphical representations. We are also able to upgrade or remodel existing system graphics to become more user friendly.

Other Services

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Boiler and Chiller

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Heat Pump

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Car Park Ventilation

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The Complete Approach


We work closely with our clients to assess their needs. From there we can devise a solution to satisfy their requirements and achieve their goal 


We are able to develop a schedule of works to ensure that our work is achieved with minimal disruption and to the highest standard. We are able to work out of hours where necessary 


Once a strategy is in place our engineers will develop a bespoke system using the best tools available for the job  


We are able to assist the client even after completion, continuing the working relationship, with services such as planned preventative maintanence and romote monitoring for example 

The Complete Solution For Building Automation