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Since Complete HVAC Services was established in 2000 it has been our objective to deliver the best possible service and in doing so we have become a trusted provider of Building Control Systems.

We are based in Leighton Buzzard, near to Milton Keynes. Centrally located, with great transport links, we are well positioned to work all over the UK and internationally if required.




Efficiency Focused


Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems are computer based devices that help to manage, control and monitor the energy consumption of bulding services such as heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems. This allows the building to operate at maximum efficiency, while maintaining optimal comfort levels.

What Can We Control?

We can control almost any type of energy consuming product that you find you want extensive control over. This can be from HVAC systems, Lighting or any other Electro-Mechanical items.

Why Us?

We provide a complete in-house service from the outset all the way through to completion and future performance, which enables control of all aspects of our work. Whatever the contract, our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to ensure they get optimal results

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Providing a professional service has always been a priority. This means our engineers turn up when required and we work quietly and promptly, keeping disruption to your building at a minimum. This results in providing a service where the job is completed with an exceptional level of care and professionalism.

Last year we met 100% of our SLAs, meaning clients can rely on our support when required.

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With over 40 years of experience and a multi-skilled team comprising of qualified engineers, there are not many issues or problems we haven’t seen before.

To provide the best Building Management System, our engineers are certified in Tridium Niagra as well as fully manufacturer-trained in EasyIO and Distech. In addition to this, we have members of staff that are certified in various alternative BMS systems Trend, and OSS utilising protocols such as BacNet, ModBus, LonWorks to name a few.

We are extremely proud that we have, within our diverse team a certified Tridium Developer, as well as qualified Building Services Engineers, which enables us to tackle and complete the most complicated of projects.

building automation

Efficiency Focused

We are passionate about reducing the amount of energy we consume and reducing the impact we have on the environment. We aim to create sustainable, low energy consuming buildings that operate at maximum efficiency whilst maintaining optimal comfort levels, thus benefitting occupants.

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We provide a complete in-house service from the outset all the way through to completion and future performance, which enables control of all aspects of our work. We only use the best products and applications, and combined with our experience and knowledge, we are able to ensure that our work is to the highest standard with reliability paramount.

We have an excellent reputation and our clients have confidence in our ability to deliver a full solution. This is demonstrated to us by their loyalty and also recommending us to others, in addition to specifying us for their new projects. 

Where We Work

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Training & Development

We invest heavily in our staff and their training which ensures a highly skilled workforce, who have an up to date knowledge and who adhere to a strict set of procedures - this ensures we consistently achieve the highest qualiy of work

Through cohesive teamwork we ensure that we maintain high standards. In times when other companies are cutting back on training, we are continuing to invest, enabling us to keep up with the advances in technology within our industry.



Efficiency Focused


The Complete Solution For Building Automation